Meet Our Leads

Nicole Morrison

RBT & Lead 

Nicole's passion for working with those with Autism stems from having a younger brother with Autism. Nicole graduated from Northern Arizona University with her Bachelor's in Psychology in 2018. She is currently attending Ball State University in pursuit of her Master's degree in special education with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis to eventually earn the BCBA credential.  Some of Nicole's favorite aspects of ABA are creating stimuli, discrete trial training, preference assessments, and pairing. 

Ellen Collins

RBT & Lead 

Ellen has worked in ABA therapy for 4 years. She has worked with children ages 3-8 diagnosed with ASD since June of 2017. Before that, she worked in an eating disorder treatment facility- where she first learned about Applied Behavior Analysis- and fell in love with it! Ellen is going back to school in pursuit of her BCBA. In her free time she enjoys yoga and live music. 

Rachel Mortimer

RBT & Lead 

Rachel Mortimer is a Registered Behavior Technician and has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis for over 2.5 years now. She got a Bachelors degree in 2014, in Psychology and another in Human Development, both from the University of Utah. She is currently in school online through Arizona State to get her Masters in Special Education with and emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. Rachel is pursuing her BCBA credential and is excited to help children reach their potential right now as a lead and in the future as a BCBA

Emma Sherman

RBT & Lead 

Emma is a Lead Registered Behavior Tech who moved to Utah from Minnesota to attend the University of Utah in 2012. She loves working with children and adolescents in all capacities, but particularly in ABA. She plans to return to the U in Fall of 2019 to earn her masters degree so she can become a BCBA. When she’s not working as an RBT she enjoys cooking, knitting, and escaping to the mountains during all seasons of the year

Lavere Harward

RBT & Lead 

I've been working with kids for years now and found that for me,  there is no greater profession.  I love seeing them grow and change over time and use the coping tools and tactics I've taught them in their everyday life. ABA has allowed me to grow and expand my repertoire of skills and knowledge,  and it has allowed me to continue working in the field I love!

Alexus Leyva 

RBT & Lead 

Alexus Leyva is a Registered Behavior Technician that has been working with Advanced Behavior Analysis for over a year. She earned her BS in psychology from the University of Utah, and is working towards her goal of earning her BCBA credential. She has experience in working with children ranging in ages from 3-11. She is passionate about the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and she credits all of the amazing children she’s come across for her growing love for this field. She is dedicated to helping each child grow into the amazing individual that they’re destined to be!

Jillian McKinney 

RBT & Lead 

Jillian has been providing ABA therapy since 2014. She is an RBT, and currently in her Master’s program to obtain her BCBA. She got her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Utah. Jillian loves working with this population and has experience in the clinic as well as home-based therapy. 

In her free time, she loves being outside, and spending time with her son and doggy!  

Kayla Haas

RBT & Lead 

Kayla is a Registered Behavior Technician working in the field of ABA since 2015. She earned a bachelor's degree from Ball State University, with a minor in applied behavior analysis and a minor in autism spectrum disorders. Kayla is currently enrolled in a graduate program through the same university, studying for her master's in applied behavior analysis, with an emphasis in autism. She is pursuing the BCBA credential.

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