We provide a structured educational setting, where training in a group setting is designed to help children learn age-appropriate skills. We will assist children to develop their social, academic, and transitional abilities with distraction-free environments.


The Advanced Behavior Analysis Center uses the same behavioral practices as in-home therapy but in a structured, controlled environment. This type of environment can help increase a child's motivation and inspire the development of new skills and promote positive behaviors


Center base therapy provides an alternative for families who can't have treatment at home. Some families are unable to accommodate a therapy team in their home on a regular basis. Possibly there isn't an adult present during the time the child is available for therapy or too many people in the home. No matter the reason, Advanced Behavior Analysis offers flexibility to receive services in an environment that works best for each family. 


 Having a motivated child is key for an effective ABA therapy session. The Center provides access to novel toys (reinforcers) that are only available during therapy time - making them more motivating. Children may have access to new and different toys they can solely earn in that environment. 



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